Client Services

  • Services commence upon the signing of a Services Agreement.
  • A qualified Consultant is then assigned to the Client.
  • Any pre-existing or potential Candidates are identified and discreetly contacted. At this stage, Client confidentiality is strictly protected unless otherwise directed.
  • Simultaneously, an extensive search of the world-wide Executive Banque is undertaken.
  • A pre-approved media campaign may also be co-ordinated at this time.
  • As a result of the above initiatives bona fide Candidates are identified and selected for interview.
  • Interviews are conducted and a short-list of Candidates is presented to the Client.
  • Appropriate reference checks are undertaken.
  • If requested, a Psychological Appraisal or Skills Test may be organised for an additional fee.
  • Assistance with the negotiation of employment terms and conditions is also available.
  • The services of Fuller International are deemed to be complete upon the commencement of the Candidate.

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